• JM can make anything beautiful (also in its ugliness, if that is what the material/project invites or demands).
  • JM has an innate sense of grace and proportions […] which results in intriguing asymmetry rather than static «perfection». This has the effect of inviting you to connect with the structure or installation/project and interact with it, rather than just be impressed by it.
  • To me it seems like an aspect of both Jake Maud’s grand project and their concrete, individual projects is an invitation to make vulnerable contact, and through that, to allow movement, change and growth.
  • JM has many different skills in many different areas – and if they don’t know how to do something that the project or their vision for it requires, they will be determined to learn the necessary skills and most likely succeed.
  • JM has very high expectations of themself and a passion for quality.
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